Empress Trees Australia Pty Ltd

Company History

Empress Trees Australia was established in 1989.

As a commercial apriarist for over 10yrs, I noticed the demise in nectar-producing trees and good quality timber becoming harder to source. I decided to do something to alleviate this shortage.

With the introduction of the fast growing clones of paulownia during the latter part of the 1980’s, and after selling the beekeeping business,I started to propagate and grow paulownia. While waiting for my plantings to mature, I began promoting paulownia as a fast-growing, multi-purpose shade tree to farmers, exhibiting at rural trade shows throughout eastern Australia.

When the first tree planted reached 40cm diameter (at just 8 years old) we harvested it and made a solid front door weighing in at only 10kg.

Convinced the timber had a future in plantation forestry I focused on growing and setting up plantations for various companies along the east coast. We milled the first commercial plantation (these trees were 14 years old) in 2004. Then began marketing the timber locally to surfboard manufacturers and boat builders. I have since harvested the 2nd plantation (16 years old). These are in the photo gallery.

I have exported paulownia for surboards and we are now in a position to supply the growing Australian demand for this fine timber at wholesale prices.

I also sell treelings for future plantings.

Vision for the Future

To establish a substainable paulownia timber industry within Australia, not only to supply our needs but to also continue to export paulownia boards.